5 Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer

Transitioning into freelance writing can be a scary endeavor. Going full-time, you lose the benefits and security of regular, hourly pay, but you gain more control over your schedule and life. You also get to explore your own interests and passions, while getting paid for it.

Here are 5 reasons to consider freelancing:

  1. Control your own schedule. Whether you choose to jump into contracting only, gain a side income, or ease into working for yourself, freelancing gives you options. You can see your kids on the bus in the morning or get them off in the afternoon and still work. Are you more of a night owl? Sleep in and work evenings. You're only constrained by deadlines.
  2. Set your own income. Over time, you can steadily raise your rates, increasing your income potential. As a contract writer, editor or marketer, you determine your worth. You get paid for all the work you put in. No more working over 40 hours without additional pay. 
  3. No meetings. You may have an occasional conference call to kick off a project or conduct interviews for articles. But your time spent working is as productive as you make it.
  4. Pursue your passions. Seek out and accept jobs that allow you to pursue a passion. Love traveling and know tricks to save money? You can get paid to write about that, and maybe even earn some travel perks for yourself. Even within a niche, you can accept or reject work that doesn't interest you.
  5. Constantly learn. Writing is a great field for anyone who is constantly seeking out new information. With every assignment, you gain new knowledge. You can talk to leaders in a particular field, talk about the latest medical research, share what's great about a new band or simply research subjects within your niche. You're always growing your catalog of random facts and can be unbeatable at trivia.

No matter how much - or how little - time you can devote to working for yourself, you can begin to reap these benefits immediately. If you're overwhelmed and trying to figure out where to begin, schedule a call with me. We can talk through your goals and develop an action plan.